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Enhancing Outlook Web Access (OWA)

A White Paper by Ferris Research

As organizations extend their IT infrastructures, the demand for remote access to corporate email grows. Webmail products such as Microsoft’s Outlook Web Access (OWA) can provide this. OWA is the component of Microsoft Exchange that enables users with a standard web browser to authenticate and access their email service, mail folders, calendar, contacts, public folders, and corporate directories.

OWA has several strong points, including a user interface that looks and works much like the Outlook client, and a deployment architecture that is designed to be secure when accessed via the internet. Due to its nature, however, it also has some shortcomings. Third-party vendors offer add-on products that that address some of these shortcomings.

This Ferris Research white paper explains the main strengths of OWA, and it highlights how third party products can work hand in hand with OWA to provide a secure, feature-rich corporate web mail solution.


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